T.F. Hodge on Building Dreams on the Foundation of Sand

“You cannot build a dream on a foundation of sand. To weather the test of storms, it must be cemented in the heart with uncompromising conviction.”

T.F. Hodge

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T. F. Hodge

T. F. Hodge was born on the west side of Los Angeles, California. A 1970s ‘Star-Child’, he struggled with reading and writing while attending grammar school at Coliseum Street Elementary. However after a long and anxious life,he finally resigned as the former Senior Assistant to the Offices of The Budget Director, Deputy Chief, and Chief Financial Officer(s) of the second largest school district in the United States (Los Angeles Unified School District), in 2007 and finally began pursuing his passion – writing. From Within I Rise is his first book, after a long and oftentimes tumultuous journey. Born: February 3, 1969.

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